The TERRA-LOK™ product line is comprised of single-component, low-viscosity systems formulated for soil stabilization or permeation grouting. Each batch goes through stringent testing and quality assurance standards to ensure reliability in the field.

Terra-lok™ Products

Pump Flush The Terra-Lok™ Pump Flush is a highly effective flush and parts cleaner for airless paint and coating pumps including ancillary parts used in the application …

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Terra-Lok 24-120 Single Component Polyurethane

24-120 TERRA-LOK™ 24-120 is a low viscosity single component hydrophobic polyurethane used for increasing the load bearing capacity of loosely bound soils, filling voids and …

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Terra-Lok 24-015 Single Component Polyurethane

24-015 The NCFI TERRA-LOK™  24-015 is a low viscosity, polyurethane injection resin designed to stabilize soil. When mixed with catalyst and injected, it migrates through …

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Terra-Lok™ geotechnical polyurethanes give contractors an advantage from the competition. Our polyurethanes each have their intended purposes and advantages that allow our customers to have the confidence they need in performance, price, reliability, and support.